• Developing an appetite for change – overcoming perceived barriers and developing yourself
  • Leadership in data, insights and analytics – progressing organisational change in information and technology
  • Beyond climbing the ladder of success – practical steps to retain what you have achieved


  • Taking care vs taking charge – Recognising roadblocks that detour and how women can move past traditional roles 
  • Women leaders as the status quo rather than a novelty – key attributes of high achieving leaders
  • Positioning yourself within the power domain and owning your power, influence and authority


This interactive session will provide attendees with an opportunity to share their experiences in the field and interact with numerous peers in an informal setting. The session will see attendees rotate in short intervals where they will have a chance to exchange personal stories, knowledge and insights on current policies and initiatives in a non-intimidating environment.




  • Adopting a "Diversity Dividend" approach to business – adding value to the decision-making process by encouraging a diversity of opinions 
  • Operating on a “if not, why not” basis and supporting flexible working arrangements 
  • Embracing cultural change and mindset shift to provide opportunities for equal gender representation
  • Bold leadership: If we want change to happen, we have to make it happen


  • Reflecting on the concept of “merit”: who defines and who decides? Does an objective principle of merit exist? Can we truly apply the principle without bias?
  • Exposing the unconscious bias that impacts decision making 
  • Evaluating the worth of “merit” – if not “merit”, what else?



  • Transitioning from an “ordinary” life to an extraordinary career 
  • “How can we get there?” - Reflections on leadership and advice for leaders of tomorrow



  • Why do so few women have real power in male-dominated industries? How can women challenge the status quo? 
  • Key issues in male-dominated industries and practical strategies to move past traditional assumptions and biases
  • Overcoming institutional gender barriers and growing the profile of women within the industry
  • Best practices and strategies in attracting and retaining millennial talent



Roundtable sessions allow for extended discussion among smaller groups and are excellent for giving and receiving targeted feedback and engaging in more in-depth discussions.
How it works: 
There will be 4 roundtable sessions, each 20 minutes in length and focusing on a different topic. Delegates will be split into 4 groups and each session typically begins with a 5 minutes introduction by the moderator followed by 15 minutes of discussion and feedback. The 4 sessions will be run by 4 different moderators who will rotate among the 4 groups so that at the end of the entire session, all delegates would have had the chance to discuss the 4 different topics.

Roundtable A - Developing a road map for your career
  • How to plan for and continuously develop your leadership path
  • Challenges faced, career highlights and lessons learnt
  • Setting strategies for effective career advancement, goals and targets
  • Practical advice for accelerated career progression – how to plan your career forward in the organisation… starting today
Victoria Hepburn, Partner, MinterEllison

Roundtable B - Managing conflict with authenticity, courage and transparency 
  • Sharing real issues and how to face them
  • How to communicate with influence and develop relationships and networks
  • Developing key practical skills to lead through conflict – persuasion, influence, negotiation, resilience
Catherine Molloy, Auspac Education Director, Auspac

Roundtable C - Becoming an influential leader: Living and leading with courage and conviction
  • Knowing who you are, where you come from and what you stand for
  • Identifying your fears, limiting beliefs and challenges
  • Reframing your limiting beliefs into empowering ones
  • Making an impact: Strategies to expand your influence 
Kimberley Dripps, Assistant Director-General and Chief Advisor, Queensland Government Procurement, Department of Housing and Public Works

Roundtable D - Striving for the right work-life integration to achieve career goals
  • Personal anecdotes: Underlining small changes that could make big differences 
  • Practical tips for pursuing both career objectives and personal fulfilment
  • Designing programs that support female leadership and work family culture






  • Experiences and challenges as a female in non-traditional areas 
  • Developing an inclusive leadership style 
  • Celebrating the successes and positive changes 


  • The road to gender equality, then and now 
  • Motivating present and future leaders of Brisbane and beyond 
  • Challenges and triumphs – lessons learned along the way 


  • Identifying the potential challenges and being prepared 
  • Managing pressures and maintaining confidence in our respective fields 
  • Talking from 9 to 5: Communicating effectively as the (only) woman in the room 



As Queensland’s first ever female Premier Anna Bligh had to overcome many challenges on her way to the top, during this exclusive interview, the ABC’s Cathie Schnitzerling will ask the Premier about her experiences and lessons for present and future female leaders. 


  • Developing and implementing a strong advocacy program 
  • Progressing towards health equity for women 
  • Driving a culture of innovation and facilitating strategic directions 



This session features leaders who are also acting as mentors in their organisations or beyond sharing their insights in relation to mentoring. 
Investing in talent based on aspiration, potential and ambition instead of mere track record performance 

  • Is there a difference between the ways in which men and women experience mentoring relationships? 
  • Reverse mentoring and its advantages 
  • Formal and informal mentoring 



  • Lessons learned from a career spanning the aviation, media, government, and communications industries. 
  • Raising awareness and reducing stereotypes 
  • Developing entry level talent as well as supporting women in senior executive roles  


  • Through the labyrinth: The truth about women’s road to leadership in the government 
  • The impact of women on policy making 
  • Addressing the “brain drain”: How to attract young talent to the public sector  




  • The rapid advancement of technology means that humans’ relationship with machines is becoming more nuanced, fluid and personalised. Your organisation may soon be populated by robotic peers and managed by holographic leaders. This session explores the likely prospect of leadership in the future. What will your role look like in 2030?  
  • Where will you be? Prospects, opportunities and expectations for future (women) leaders 
  • The role of advanced artificial intelligence and robotic process automation in corporate strategy 
  • Advice for my future self 


This session allows attendees to engage with professional coaches and offers the opportunity to gain insights and ask questions. 
How it works: Each delegate may select one coaching table on which he/she would like to participate. 

  • Coaching Table I: The Courageous Self: Leading with Authenticity and Personal Power  
  • Coaching Table II: Achieving True Equality By Embracing Both Feminine and Masculine Energy  
  • Coaching Table III: Selecting and Grooming Future Leaders of your Organisation   




Post-Conference Workshop | Wednesday, 5th December 2018 

Key Learning Objectives  

  • Identifying self-leadership style – learning to embrace feminine leadership styles  
  • Identify and establish personal brand, enabling individuals to create their elevator pitch  
  • Learn how to identify different styles of people and how to leverage this style difference for the best possible outcomes (commercial and interpersonal).  
  • Understand the elements of becoming an inclusive and authentic leader, and what’s needed to shift the culture more broadly.  
  • Identify what each individual can do to champion the inclusion agenda within their sphere of influence to impact an inclusive culture.  
  • Understanding the work vs. life balance and developing strategies to better leverage their time. 
  • Create a goal’s based action plan to implement learnings and work towards achieving their broader personal and professional goals.  

Workshop Agenda 

Session 1:  
09:00 – 10:00
Leadership Styles – embracing your feminine leadership style 
  • Who are you?  
  • What type of leadership style do you have?  
  • How to embrace your feminine leadership style 
Session 2: 
10:00 – 11:00
Leveraging your brand! 
  • What is your personal brand?  
  • Outline / develop the structure for your personal brand 
  • How do you sell this brand?  
  • Outline / develop your elevator pitch 
11:00 - 11:30 
Morning Break 
Session 3: 
11:30  – 12:30
Understanding Style Difference  
  • Outline different styles  
  • What does this difference mean in practice when communicating?  
  • How to manage and leverage style difference for commercial and interpersonal success!   
12:30 - 1:30 
Networking Lunch  
Session 4: 
13:30 – 15:00
Authentic Leadership - fostering a culture for Inclusion  
  • Are you an authentic and inclusive leader?  
  • The key elements to developing an inclusive culture for your organisation 
  • What is my role in driving the inclusion agenda?  
  • What can I do as a woman in leadership – my sphere of influence!  
  • Leading for change! 
15:00 - 17:00
Afternoon Break  
Session 5: 
15:30 – 17:00
Striking the balance & Going for the KNOCKOUT!  
  • Understanding your balance – work vs. life  
  • Strategies to managing your work vs. life balance
  • Unleashing your potential  
  • Goal-setting (personal and professional) & Action Plan 
  • Going for the Knockout - Elements for career success!  

Workshop Leader: 

Maureen Frank, Chief Disruption Officer, emberin 

Maureen is a diversity and inclusion expert, and leading international business woman. She was the former Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Aon in the UK and Australia, won a Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award, was declared a BRW Rising Star, and founded emberin a decade ago. 
She has established over a dozen diversity councils in major organisations, including supporting the founding of the Male Champions of Change. Her clients have seen an increase in women in senior leadership roles and engages CEOs every week in understanding how inclusion enables diversity, engagement, innovation and collaboration.