POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP : 6 December 2017,9am-5pm

Create a foundation for leadership progression and place yourself in the best position for promotion

Achieving your career goals and the advancement you desire, requires a degree of planning and strategy. In the complex and challenging in any sector, it is essential that women consider their skill set, focusing on core strengths and weaknesses and how these can be improved.
However, even with the most developed leadership skill-set, you must also be able to identify and leverage opportunities to progress in your career. As a result, aspiring and emerging leaders must understand how to position themselves for promotion and have the right tools and networks in place to do so.
This interactive workshop encompasses the tools and strategies that will enable you to thrive in your career as an authentic leader. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your goals and translate them into a structured plan for your progression. Take your work and career potential into your own hands by developing a new confidence and ability to position yourself for success.
Self-assessment - Understand your goals and values
  • Values-based leadership 
  • Self-awareness and its impact on leadership capability
  • Identify your key strengths and how to maximise them
Leveraging skills - Develop your authentic leadership style
  • Translate your values into your leadership style
  • Balancing authentic and adaptive leadership 
  • Identify how best to utilise your optimal leadership style within the context of your organisation
Communicating, negotiating and influencing within the workplace
  • Developing and communicating confidence, poise and assertiveness 
  • Communication styles - the differences and similarities 
  • Knowing and leveraging from your communication style 
Pioneer your path to progression
  • Deliberately position yourself for promotion
  • Utilise mentors and sponsors in identifying opportunities
  • Develop a structured plan for your progression

Workshop Leader: 

Jenny Brice
Executive Coach
Executive Coach, Mentoring and Leadership

Jenny has been an influential HR Executive and has worked with executives in Australia and internationally. Jenny has been very fortunate during her business career to attend MIT and Australian universities to further her leadership and business studies. As an Executive Coach Jenny has been working predominately with C-suite or pre-C-Suite individuals who want to enhance or accelerate their career. Jenny is particularly passionate about supporting women in leadership roles, as she knows how beneficial Executive Coaching has been during her own career.